Owen Pointon now supports the Durong Dingo Sanctuary (where pure dingoes are kept safe) through sales of his artwork that he has recently donated.

From Durong Dingo Sanctuary:

“The Durong Dingo Sanctuary, owned and run by Simon Stretton since 2008, seeks to provide a small area of peace where pure dingoes are kept safe from the perils of 1080 baiting, trapping, and shooting.”

“Simon aims to establish future breeding programmes to ensure pure genetics live on, in addition to education, awareness, and experience for the local and wider community.”

“The Durong Dingo Sanctuary is the only dingo sanctuary of its type in Australia and is situated in the South Burnett Region of Queensland in natural bush settings. Being only 75 kilometres from Kingaroy and close to the road that leads out west, it is a suitable drop in point for tourists and grey nomad adventurers.”

“The sanctuary is open all days 9am to 5pm, except Friday, which is by appointment only. Admission is by generous donation. For more information, contact Simon.”

To find out more information about the Durong Dingo Sanctuary and to make a donation, please visit:


Owen Pointon Supports the Durong Dingo Sanctuary